Authors Boye, S. ; Scharfenberg, L. ; Lederer, A.
Title Separation of linear and star-shaped polystyrenes by phase distribution chromatography
Date 01.11.2010
Number 25802
Abstract The phase distribution chromatographic technique was optimized and applied for the separation of linear and star-shaped polystyrene (PS). For this purpose non-crosslinked, ultra high molecular weight PS coated on different supporting materials was used. The stability of the coating under chromatographic conditions was tested by thermo gravimetric analysis and microscopic techniques. The modification of different column packing materials was tested. Separation according to branching was indicated for different molecular weights of linear and star-shaped PS. The resolution of the separation was improved by changing the density of the stationary phase and the temperature. The separation results were supported by cloud point measurements and the determination of the critical conditions for linear and star-polymers at the same molecular weight.
Publisher Journal of Separation Science
Citation Journal of Separation Science 33 (2010) 3584-3594

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