Authors Toshchevikov, V. P. ; Heinrich, G. ; Gotlib, Yu. Ya.
Title Shear dynamic moduli of stretched polymer chains and networks: Modified rouse model
Date 14.06.2010
Abstract The dynamic mechanical properties of polymer chains and networks under large static strains are studied. Polymer chains are modeled as sequences of Gaussian subchains whose elasticity constants are different for motions parallel () and perpendicular () to the stretching force, f, and are functions of the elongation ratio (a modified Rouse model). The frequency-dependent storage and loss shear moduli are shown to be different for different geometries under small oscillating shear deformation. Three principal geometries under shear deformation denoted by D-, V- and G-geometry (see the image) are considered. Static elongation leads to the broadening of the frequency dependencies of the loss moduli for all considered geometries. The predicted storage and loss moduli are in a good agreement with experimental data.
Journal Macromolecular Theory and Simulations 19 (2010) 195-209

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