Authors Gohs, U. ; Leuteritz, A. ; Naskar, K. ; Volke, S. ; Wießner, S. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Reactive EB processing of polymer compounds
Date 01.07.2011
Abstract Polymer modification with high energy electrons is well-established in polymer industry and used for degradation, cross-linking, grafting, curing, and polymerization. These applications use local and temporal precise input of energy in order to generate excited atoms or molecules as well as ions for subsequent molecule changes via radical induced chemical reactions. Reactive electron beam (EB) processing combines melt mixing process and chemical reaction simultaneously. For this purpose, a 1.5·MeV electron accelerator was directly coupled to an internal mixer in order to induce chemical reactions by energy input via high energy electrons under dynamic conditions of melt mixing of different polymer compounds. In the present study, reactive EB processing was used for the development of a flame retardant polyethylene composite as well as Thermoplastic Vulcanizate. The influence of absorbed dose as well as electron energy and electron treatment time was studied. Increased values of both tensile strength and elongation at break of polymer compounds indicated in-situ compatibilization upon reactive EB processing.
Journal Macromolecular Symposia 296 (2011) 589-595

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