Authors Rooj, S. ; Das, A. ; Thakur, V. ; Mahaling, R. N. ; Bhowmick, A. K. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Preparation and properties of natural nanocomposites based on natural rubber and naturally occurring halloysite nanotubes
Date 05.01.2010
Abstract A "green" composite based on natural halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) and natural rubber (NR) was prepared by mechanical mixing. A silane coupling agent, bis (triethoxysilylpropyl)-tetrasulphide, was utilized to enhance the properties of these composites. It was observed that the reinforcing activity of HNTs was superior to commercial silica coupled with the same amount of silane coupling agent. Moreover the on-set thermal degradation decomposition temperature was improved by not, vert, similar64 °C with the addition of 10 parts HNTs per hundred of rubber. Transmission electron microscopic images confirmed the good dispersion of the HNTs in the rubber matrix, whereas X-ray diffraction studies showed a little change in interlayer spacing between the two silicate layers of HNTs.
Journal Materials and Design 31 (2010) 2151-2156

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