Authors Scheffler, C. ; Förster, T. ; Mäder, E. ; Heinrich, G. ; Hempel, S. ; Mechtcheringe, V.
Title Aging of alkali-resistant glass and basalt fibers in alkaline solutions: Evaluation of the failure stress by weibull distribution function
Date 27.11.2009
Number 21863
Abstract In alkaline solutions, the reaction of hydroxyl ions with Si–O–Si-groups of the glass network leads to the formation of hydrated surfaces and dissolved silicate. The rate of this corrosion depends on the chemical constitution of the fiber and the alkaline solution as well as on time and temperature. The investigation of the aging of glass and basalt fibers with different chemical constitutions in NaOH and cement solutions shows that the corrosion mechanism changes due to the inhibiting effect of calcium ions. The strength distributions have been evaluated using a Weibull distribution function. The mechanical behavior strongly depends on the chemistry of the solution and determines the parameters of the Weibull distribution function in terms of either single or mixed distributions. The corrosion in NaOH solution leads to a strong dissolution of the outer layer of the glass and basalt fibers, whereas during aging in cement solution at the same pH-value a limited, local attack was revealed.
Publisher Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids
Citation Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 355 (2009) 2588-2595

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