Authors M. Lang, D. Göritz, S. Kreitmeier
Title Network defects and visco-elasticity
Constitutive Models for Rubber IV, Austrell, Per-Erik; Kari, Leif, ed.
Date 07.06.2005
Number 2119
Abstract The unique properties of elastomeric materials offer numerous advantages in many engineering applications. Elastomeric units are used as couplings or mountings between rigid components, for example in shock absorbers, vibration insulators, flexible joints, seals and suspensions, etc. However, the complicated nature of the behaviour of such material makes it difficult to accurately predict the performance of these units using finite element modelling, for example. It is imperative that constitutive models accurately capture relevant aspects of mechanical behaviour. The latest developments concerning constitutive modelling of rubber is collected in these Proceedings. Topics included in this volume are, Hyperelastic models, Strength, fracture & fatigue, Dynamic properties & the Fletcher-Gent effect, Micro-mechanical & statistical approaches, Stress softening,  iscoelasticity, Filler reinforcement, and Tyres, fibre & cord reinforced rubber.<br /><br />Constitutive Models for Rubber IV: Proceedings of the fourth European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber, ECCMR 2005, Stockholm, Sweden, 27-29 June 2005 <br /><br />ISBN 9780415383462
Publisher Taylor and Francis Group
Citation Taylor and Francis Group (2005) 349-360

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