Authors Pelevin, A. ; Lauke, B. ; Heinrich, G. ; Svistkov, A. ; Adamov, A. A.
Title Algorithm of constant definition for a visco-elastic rubber model based cyclic experiments, stress relaxation and creep data
Constitutive Models for Rubber VI, Heinrich, G.;  Kaliske, M.; Lion, A.;  Reese, S., ed.
Date 14.09.2009
Number 21102
Abstract Proceedings of the European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber, Dresden, 7-10 September 2009<br /><br />A model for simulation of rubber behavior is presented. The equation system is constructed using the scheme illustrating the mechanical behavior of rubbers. The scheme points are connected by elastic, viscous, plastic and transmission elements. To describe the properties of each element, the known equations of the nonlinear theory of elasticity, the theory of non linear viscous fluids and the theory of plastic flow under finite deformations are used. A step by step algorithm is proposed to derive the constants of the model. It is shown that the constants of constitutive equations found at earlier steps remain unchanged at subsequent steps. Research experiments (cyclic loading tests including relaxation and creep) provide much useful information concerning the viscoelastic properties of rubbers.<br /><br />ISBN 978-0-415-56327-7
Publisher CRC Press
Citation CRC Press (2009) 79-84

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