Authors Wang, De-Yi ; Leuteritz, A. ; Wagenknecht, U. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Self-assembling organomodified Co/Al based layered double hydroxides (LDH) via one-step route
Date 01.12.2009
Abstract The preparation of self-assembling organomodified Co/Al-layered double hydroxide (LDH) via one-step route was studied. A common surfactant, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (DBS), was employed as an organic modifier. The behavior and structure of self-assembled intercalated organic Co/Al-LDH were investigated by FTIR, SEM, WAXS, element analysis and TGA. Based upon the WAXS results and calculation by Bragg equation, the interlayer distance (d value) for organic Co/Al-LDH is enlarged from 0.75 nm to 3.10 nm, showing that the self-assembling behavior has been carried out successfully. Considering the observation from SEM, the product shows the morphology of organic Co/Al-LDH of a layered structure. In addition, FTIR, element analysis and TGA analysis show that the modifier is intercalated into the gallery of the Co/Al-LDH. Since organic modification for nanofiller is deemed to be necessary before applying it into polymer, the successful preparation of organomodified Co/Al-LDH will be significantly beneficial to the preparation and investigation of novel polymer/LDH nanocomposite.
Journal Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China 19 (2009) 1479-1482

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