Authors Vilgis, T. A. ; Heinrich, G. ; Klüppel, M.
Title Reinforcement of Polymer Nano-Composites: Theory, Experiments and Applications
Date 20.08.2009
Number 20805
Abstract Reinforced rubber allows the production of passenger car tires with improved rolling resistance and wet grip. This book provides in-depth coverage of the physics behind elastomer reinforcement, with a particular focus on the modification of polymer properties using active fillers such as carbon black and silica. The authors build a firm theoretical base through a detailed discussion of the physics of polymer chains and matrices before moving on to describe reinforcing fillers and their applications in the improvement of the mechanical properties of high-performance rubber materials. Reinforcement is explored on all relevant length scales, from molecular to macroscopic, using a variety of methods ranging from statistical physics and computer simulations to experimental techniques. Presenting numerous technological applications of reinforcement in rubber such as tire tread compounds, this book is ideal for academic researchers and professionals working in polymer science.<br /><br />• The first book to examine elastomer reinforcement from the molecular to macroscopic scale <br />• Explores industrial applications of the theories described, including applications to the automotive industry <br />• Fundamental theories of polymer physics are explained alongside advanced concepts, allowing the reader to gain a thorough understanding of the field<br /><br />ISBN 978-0-521-87480-9
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Citation Cambridge University Press (2009) 222 Seiten

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