Authors Svistkov, A. ; Pelevin, A. ; Adamov, A. A. ; Lauke, B. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Structural-phenomenological modelling of softening and recovery of mechanical properties of elastomer nanocomposite
Constitutive Models for Rubber VI, Heinrich, G.;  Kaliske, M.; Lion, A.;  Reese, S., ed.
Date 14.09.2009
Number 20062
Abstract Proceedings of the European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber, Dresden, 7-10 September 2009<br /><br />A general method of constructing the system of constitutive equations was applied to develop the model describing the behaviour of rubber compounds. The effect of softening of the material after the first stretching (Mullins effect), viscoelastic properties and recovery of mechanical behavior after the long rest and thermostating is simulated.<br /><br />ISBN 978-0-415-56327-7
Publisher CRC Press
Citation CRC Press (2009) 85-90

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