Authors Ilnytskyi, J. ; Neher, D. ; Grenzer, M.
Title Molecular dynamics simulations of photo-induced deformations in azobenzene-containing polymers
Date 06.05.2009
Number 19846
Abstract The experimental studies indicate that the scenario for photo–induced deformation in azobenzene–containing polymers (azo–polymers) is different in liquid crystalline (LC) and amorphous systems. The exact microscopic origin of these differences is not yet clear. We performed molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of the two models related to these two types of polymers. The only effect of the illumination being considered is the reorientation of trans–isomers perpendicularly to the light polarisation. The deformations of an opposite sign are observed in two models being considered and relevant microscopic mechanism are clarified in both cases. © 2009 American Institute of Physics
Publisher AIP Conference Proceedings
Citation AIP Conference Proceedings 1091 (2009) 253-255

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