Authors Müller, J. ; Kummer, S. ; Fischer, D.
Title New ultrasonic probes for in-line monitoring of polymer melts
Date 22.01.2010
Number 19422
Abstract In this paper, new in-line ultrasonic probes for monitoring of polymer melts in polymer processing are described. The probes are designed to half inch thread as industry standard with high temperature and pressure stability. The application of a buffer rod system with a glassy carbon core material provides high signal intensity and a high signal-to-noise ratio. With these probes, we are able to measure ultrasonic attenuation spectra. First results for in-line monitoring of the content of fillers in polymers in the melt under processing conditions are presented.
Publisher Measurement Science and Technology
Citation Measurement Science and Technology 20 (2010) 097002 (4pp)

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