Authors Lorenz, H. ; Fritzsche, J. ; Das, A. ; Stöckelhuber, K.W. ; Jurk, R. ; Heinrich, G. ; Klüppel, M.
Title Advanced elastomer nano-composites based on CNT-hybrid filler systems
Date 30.07.2009
Number 19194
Abstract Different techniques to disperse multiwalled carbon nanotubes (CNT) in elastomers using an internal mixer are applied and physical properties of the composites are evaluated: stress–strain behavior, dynamic-mechanical, thermal diffusivity, dielectric and fracture mechanical properties. The electrical percolation threshold is found to decrease by using ethanol as dispersion agent, compared to “dry” mixing, correlating with improved optical dispersion. The effect of nanoscopic gaps between adjacent CNTs on the electrical and thermal conductivity of the composites and the missing percolation behavior of the thermal conductivity are discussed. We have found some technically promising synergetic effects of the hybrid filler systems. For all systems one observes significantly steeper stress–strain curves by addition of 1.6 vol.% CNT to the systems with conventional fillers. In natural rubber the fatigue crack propagation resistance, tensile strength and electrical conductivity is found to be improved also for dry mixed CNT-silica hybrid systems.
Publisher Composites Science and Technology
Citation Composites Science and Technology 69 (2009) 2135-2143

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