Authors Schulze, U. ; Johannsen, M. ; Haschick, R. ; Komber, H. ; Lederer, A. ; Voit, B.
Title Synthesis of poly(10-undecene-1-ol) by metallocene-catalyzed polymerization
Date 27.01.2010
Number 18565
Abstract Poly(10-undecene-1-ol)s as precursors for potential polar macromonomers were synthesized by metallocene-catalyzed polymerization. For the use as macromonomers, polymerizable terminal double bonds are an important requirement and thus, the investigation of the end groups in the polymers was the main focus of this study. The influence of the catalyst and polymerization conditions on the chain length of the polymer backbone, the monomer conversion as well as the end group characteristics were analyzed. It was possible to find conditions for preparing poly(10-undecene-1-ol)s with terminal double bonds using the catalyst system Cp2ZrCl2/MAO. Two other chosen catalysts produced mainly internal double bonds. The poly(10-undecene-1-ol)s could be prepared as atactic or isotactic-rich materials depending on the catalyst used.
Publisher European Polymer Journal
Citation European Polymer Journal 46 (2010) 578-586
Tags coordination polymerization macromonomers metallocene catalyst 10-undecene-1-ol allyl-terminated polystyrene propene polymerization olefin polymerization graft-copolymers macromonomer polypropene polyolefins propylene ethylene microstructure

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