Authors Wagenknecht, U. ; Costa, F. R. ; Heinrich, G. ; Reinemann, S.
Title Layered double hydroxides (LDH) - an environmentally friendly, nano scale flame retardant
Date 04.08.2008
Abstract The potential of polymer-clay nanocomposites has been a focus of raw material research for some time, in particular in polyolefin based systems. The potential to improve mechanical properties and flame retardance simultaneously makes them particularly interesting. <br /> <br />It is shown that, layered double hydroxide nanoparticles (specifically hydrotalcite) have a synergistic flame retardant effect, when used together with classical micro scale metal hydroxides. Thus significantly reducing the overall loading and so improving the composites' mechanical properties. The state of the development is reported including processing of the composites, with the aid of flammability tests (cone calorimeter, LOI, UL 94) and SEM/TEM images.
Journal Rubber, fibres, plastics international : RFP (2008) 206-209

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