Authors Svistkov, A. ; Komar, L. A. ; Heinrich, G. ; Lauke, B.
Title Modeling of the formation of oriented-polymer layers at filler particles in polymer nanocomposites. - In kyrill. Schrift
Date 01.07.2008
Number 16524
Abstract A theory to explain the appearance of oriented layers at the filler surface in polymer nanocomposites is proposed. The theory is based on the assumption that small oriented polymer regions have an effect on the state of neighboring regions and tend to orient polymer chains in these regions. As a result, the point-to-point transfer of this effect takes place, thereby causing the propagation of the oriented layer in the polymer nanocomposite over a considerable distance from the filler surface. The appearance of the polymer in the biaxially oriented state, which is transferred to the neighboring regions and leads to the formation of a layer with specific mechanical properties, is possible near the filler particles in this case. <br />Original Russian Text © A.L. Svistkov, L.A. Komar, G. Heinrich, B. Lauke, 2008, published in Vysokomolekulyarnye Soedineniya, Ser. A, 2008, Vol. 50, No. 5, pp. 903–910.
Publisher Vysokomol. Soedinenija, Ser. A
Citation Vysokomol. Soedinenija, Ser. A 50 (2008) 903-910

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