Authors Khizhnyak, S. ; Malanin, M. N. ; Eichhorn, K.-J. ; Pakhomov, P.
Title IR spectroscopic study of polymer blends and composites. A novel approach
Date 16.08.2008
Number 16403
Abstract The particle size distributions of fillers in the films of polymer composites and blends have been investigated by IR spectroscopy and optical and electron microscopy. A new effective spectroscopic technique is proposed for determining the particle concentration, average size, and size distribution of the filler and the character of aggregation of these particles in the bulk of the polymer matrix. The proposed technique is based on the analysis of IR radiation intensity attenuation due to light scattering on filler particles in the polymer matrix. The spectroscopic data are in good agreement with the results of microscopic experiments.
Publisher Polymer Science / Series B
Citation Polymer Science / Series B 50 (2008) 158-164

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