Authors Taurino, R. ; Fabbri, E. ; Messori, M. ; Pilati, F. ; Synytska, A. ; Pospiech, D.
Title Facile preparation of superhydrophobic coatings by sol-gel processes
Date 07.05.2008
Number 16084
Abstract Different organic/inorganic compositions and deposition methods were used to prepare superhydrophobic surfaces using metal alkoxides and the sol–gel process. Both surface roughness and composition had to be adjusted in order to obtain very high contact angles and low contact angle hysteresis as a necessary requirement for superhydrophobicity. Multilayer samples with a fluorinated organic–inorganic top layer showed water contact angles of about 157° with low hysteresis (2°). Water drops rolled easily off their surface at a tilt angle as low as 4°.
Publisher Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Wikidata 50
Citation Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 325 (2008) 149-156
Tags sol–gel process superhydrophobic surfaces ultrahydrophobic surfaces self-cleaning fractal structure hybrid coatings rough surfaces contact angles thin-films water wettability plasma transparent deposition

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