Authors Schulze, U. ; Sen Majumder, P. ; Heinrich, G. ; Stephan, M. ; Gohs, U.
Title Electron beam crosslinking of atactic polypropylene: Development of a potential novel elastomer
Date 21.08.2008
Number 16080
Abstract Atactic amorphous poly(propylene) of various molecular weights has been modified with high energy electrons over an irradiation dose range of 0-200 kGy. Tri- and tetrafunctional monomers in varied concentrations have been used as crosslinking additives. A correlation between the original molecular weight and crosslinking behavior of the polymer was observed. A higher gel content is obtained with the tetrafunctional acrylate as compared to that with the trifunctional one, under the same treatment conditions. Electron irradiation treatment at elevated temperature gives rise to an increased gel content over that at room temperature. Similarly, the mechanical properties also enhance with gel content. Moreover, the stress-strain behavior of the electron modified systems indicates a more pronounced elastomeric nature.
Publisher Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
Citation Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 293 (2008) 692-699
Tags atactic poly (propylene) electron beam irradiation irradiation crosslinking mechanical properties multifunctional monomers polypropylene polyethylene irradiation crystallinity chain

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