Authors Merlitz, H. ; He, Gui-Li ; Wu, Chen-Xu ; Sommer, J.-U.
Title Surface instabilities of monodisperse and densely grafted polymer brushes
Date 30.07.2008
Number 15897
Abstract Surface effects on polymer brushes are of increasing interest, since recent experimental progress has nourished the hope that functional surfaces could facilitate the creation of novel materials, affecting almost every facet of modern life. The creation of switchable brushes which react on variations of the external conditions are of particular interest in applications as diverse as textile industry, environmental technology or biotechnology. At the same time, novel experimental techniques have allowed to create polymer brushes of very high grafting densities, reaching a chain stretch of 0.7 of maximum chain length.6 The properties of brushes at low grafting densities are well described by self-consistent field (SCF) approaches and scaling arguments.Systems of high grafting densities have been simulated in rather recent studies, in which strong deviations of the density profiles from SCF predictions have been reported. These were, at least partially, related to the finite extensibility of the chains.
Publisher Macromolecules
Citation Macromolecules 41 (2008) 5070-5072
Tags molecular-dynamics simulation density

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