Authors Klos, J. ; Sommer, J.-U.
Title Random copolymers at a selective interface: Saturation effects
Date 05.11.2007
Number 15564
Abstract Combining scaling arguments and Monte Carlo simulations using the bond fluctuation method we have studied concentration effects for the adsorption of symmetric AB-random copolymers at selective, symmetric interfaces. For the scaling analysis we consider a hierarchy of two length scales given by the excess (adsorption) blobs and by two dimensional thermal blobs in the semidilute surface regime. When both length scales match, a densely packed array of adsorption blobs is formed (saturation). We show that for random copolymer adsorption the interface concentration can be further increased (oversaturation) due to reorganization of excess blobs. Crossing over this threshold results in a qualitative change in the behavior of the adsorption layer which involves a change in the average shape of the adsorbed chains towards a hairpinlike form. We have analyzed the distribution of loops and tails of adsorbed chains in the various concentration regimes as well as the chain order parameter, concentration profiles, and the exchange rate of individual chains. We emphasized the role of saturation scaling which dominates the behavior of static and dynamic quantities at higher surface concentration. ©2007 American Institute of Physics
Publisher Journal of Chemical Physics
Citation Journal of Chemical Physics 127 (2007) 174901 1-12

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