Authors Schulze, U. ; Pospiech, D. ; Komber, H. ; Häußler, L. ; Voigt, D. ; Eschner, M.
Title Synthesis and properties of propene copolymers with ether comonomers
Date 05.03.2008
Number 15497
Abstract The direct copolymerization of propene with polar comonomers using metallocene catalysts in solution was investigated. As comonomers, two ether compounds were used in comparison to 10-undecene-1-ol as well-investigated comonomer. The ether comonomers were diethylene glycol mono-10-undecenyl ether (DEGUE) and octaethylene glycol-10-undecenyl methyl ether (OEGUME). The influence of the different comonomers on the copolymerization behavior was studied. The copolymers were characterized with respect to their comonomer contents, molar masses, and thermal properties. The incorporation rate of DEGUE and OEGUME into the propene copolymers did not exceed 1.6 mol% for DEGUE and 0.31 mol% for OEGUME and was thus considerably lower than in the reference propene copolymerization with 10-undecene-1-ol. An uncompleted shielding of the oxygen atoms of the ether groups by triisobutyl aluminum (TIBA) to the metallocene catalyst is assumed to be responsible for this behavior. The crystallization kinetics in the copolymers with comparable molar masses is mainly influenced by the side chain density per 1000 propene units, n1000.<br />The incorporation of hydrophilic comonomers into polypropene was expected to alter the surface properties. The slightly lowered water contact angles found on films of copolymers with higher comonomer content indicated the enhanced hydrophilicity of the polypropene copolymer surfaces compared to polypropene (PP).
Publisher European Polymer Journal
Wikidata 2
Citation European Polymer Journal 44 (2008) 694-703
Tags copolymerization pp metallocene catalysts polar comonomers functionalization metallocene catalyzed copolymerization metallocene/methylaluminoxane catalyst functionalized olefins graft-copolymers polymerization polypropene ethylene

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