Authors Radoev, B. ; Stöckelhuber, K.W. ; Tsekov, R. ; Letocart, P.
Title Colloid Stability and Application in Pharmacy<br>Wetting film dynamics and stability
Date 09.03.2007
Abstract Colloid Stability and Application in Pharmacy: Colloids and Interface Science, Volume 3<br />Tharwat F. Tadros (Editor) <br /><br />Bridging academic research and industrial applications, this is the first modern approach to relate fundamental research to the applied science of colloids. Edited by the 'l'éminence grise' on this topic and written by the top scientists in the field, this text examines the role of colloid and interface science in pharmacy, as well as pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery. It then goes on to treat pharmaceutical suspensions and emulsions, including multiple emulsions, as well as liposomes and the role of nanotechnology in drug delivery. A final section is devoted to the hot topic of stem cell research. For surface and pharmaceutical chemists, physicochemists, chemical engineers and those working in the pharmaceutical industry. <br /><br />ISBN 978-3-527-31463-8
Journal Wiley-VCH 3 (2007) 151-172

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