Authors Meier-Haack, J. ; Derenko, S. ; Seng, J.
Title Fouling reduction by graft-modification with hydrophilic polymers
Date 02.11.2007
Number 14776
Abstract Flat sheet polypropylene microfiltration membranes were successfully graft-modified with acrylic acid using the macroinitiator method. The surface modification induced a change in the course of fouling. Unmodified membranes showed the strong form of critical flux during filtration of protein solution, while for the surface modified membranes the weak form of critical flux was determined. Although the critical flux could be shifted towards higher values (from ca. 20 l/m2h to>40 l/h2m) by the surface modification, the permeability decreased by a factor of 6.
Publisher Separation Science and Technology
Citation Separation Science and Technology 42 (2007) 2881-2889

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