Authors Mechau, N. ; Grenzer, M. ; Neher, D.
Title Molecular tracer diffusion in thin azobenzene polymer layers
Date 31.12.2006
Number 14654
Abstract Translational diffusion of fluorescent tracer molecules in azobenzene polymer layers is studied at different temperatures and under illumination using the method of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching. Diffusion is clearly observed in the dark above the glass transition temperature, while homogeneous illumination at 488  nm and 100  mW/cm2 does not cause any detectable diffusion of the dye molecules within azobenzene layers. This implies that the viscosity of azobenzene layers remains nearly unchanged under illumination with visible light in the absence of internal or external forces. ©2006 American Institute of Physics
Publisher Applied Physics Letters
Citation Applied Physics Letters 89 (2006) 251902-251904

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