Authors Edelmann, M. ; Gedan-Smolka, M. ; Lehmann, D.
Title Influence of various catalysts on the 1,3-diacetidine-2,4-dione (uretdione) reaction with hydroxyl groups
Date 19.10.2006
Number 14387
Abstract Lowering the curing temperature for powder coatings is desirable with regard to the coating of temperature sensitive substrates. However, commercial available weather-resistant stable powder coatings need curing temperatures >180 °C. The reactivity of various catalysts on the reaction between an uretdione cross-linker and OH groups were carried out on the basis of low molecular model systems. The results were transferred to polymeric systems consisting of the reactive components of a powder coating composition. The investigations were carried out using non-isothermal and isothermal DSC measurements as well as rheological measurements of the complex melt viscosity. However, the curing reaction occurred in a two-step reaction mechanism whereas the first reaction step could by quantitatively separated applying non-isothermal DSC measurements.
Publisher Progress in Organic Coatings
Citation Progress in Organic Coatings 57 (2006) 251-258

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