Authors Reincke, K. ; Grellmann, W. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Bruchmechanische Methoden zur Risszähigkeitsbewertung von füllstoffverstärkten NR- und SBR-Vulkanisaten
Date 06.03.2007
Number 14336
Abstract The paper deals with the application of fracture mechanical methods for the characterisation of crack toughness behaviour of mainly fi ller-reinforced elastomeric materials.<br />The reliability of the experimental methods regarding a reproducible determination of geometry-independent fracture mechanical values is discussed. Furthermore, possibilities of a quantitative assessment of the connection between structural parameters such as fi ller content and fracture mechanical values are shown by using some examples. On the basis of the experimental results, a model for crack initiation and propagation behaviour of non-crystallising elastomers was proposed and is shown in detail.
Publisher GAK Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe
Citation GAK Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe 60 (2007) 85-90

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