Authors Radoev, B. ; Stöckelhuber, K.W. ; Tsekov, R. ; Letocart, P.
Title Wetting Film Dynamics and Stability
Colloid Stability : Volume 2. The Role of Surface - Part II, Tadros, Tharwat F., ed.
Date 21.07.2006
Number 14143
Abstract The first modern approach to relate fundamental research to the applied science of colloids, this series bridges academic research and practical applications, thus providing the information vital to both. Written by the very top scientists in their respective<br />disciplines, this volume discusses the nature of various forces, as well as the influence of surface forces on the stability of dispersions, their measurement and role in adsorbed polymers and liquid films. For surface, polymer and physicochemists, materials scientists, and chemical engineers.<br /><br />ISBN 3-527-31503-9
Publisher Wiley-VCH
Citation Wiley-VCH (2006)

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