Authors Sommer, J.-U.
Title Theoretical aspects of the equilibrium state of chain crystals
Progress in Understanding of Polymer Crystallization, Reiter, G.; Strobl, GR. , ed.
Date 07.03.2007
Number 14092
Abstract The equilibrium state of polymer single crystals is considered by explicitly taking into account the amorphous fraction formed by loops and tails of the chains. Using ideal chain statistics, a general expression for the free energy excess of the amorphous part is derived. I show that tight loops and close reentries are favored under experimental conditions for under-cooling of polymer single crystals. For many chain crystals, I show that the lamellar thickness increases with the number of chains in the crystal, and that extended chain conformations are thermodynamically favored when the number of chains in the crystal is sufficiently large. The role of finite bending rigidity of chains is discussed for folded chain crystals, as well as tilt effects in extended chain crystals. <br /><br />About the book<br />In the context of polymer crystallization there are several still open and often controversially debated questions. The present volume addresses issues such as novel general views and concepts which help to advance our understanding of polymer crystallisation, nucleation phenomena, long living melt structures affecting crystallization, confinement effects on crystallization, crystallization in flowing melts, fluid mobility restrictions caused by crystallites, the role of mesophases in the crystal formation and presents new ideas in a connected and accessible way. The intention is thus not only to provide a summary of the present state of the art to all active works but to provide an entry point to newcomer and graduate students entering the field. <br />Series: Lecture Notes in Physics <br /><br />ISBN 978-3-540-47305-3
Publisher Springer
Citation Springer 714 (2007) 19-ff.

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