Authors Salzer, R. ; Zimmerer, C. ; Kitsche, M. ; Steiner, G. ; Braun, H.-G.
Title Molecular Imaging of Microstructured Polymer Surfaces
Date 30.03.2006
Number 13996
Abstract Within last decade both IR and Raman spectroscopy gained the potential of imaging the chemical heterogeneity of material surfaces. IR spectroscopic imaging offers the advantage of fast measurements with lateral resolution of a few micrometers. Due to the high acquisition rate of spectral data even dynamic systems can be studied at a time resolution of seconds. This report will demonstrate the unique opportunities by FTIR spectroscopic imaging to investigate material characterized by small thickness of the sample layer and non-crystalline state. SPR imaging is a new technique based on the classical SPR that combines high sensitivity with excellent lateral resolution. In the second part of this report we shall discuss the laterally resolved investigations of polymer material by a combination of FTIR imaging and SPR imaging. For the first time, pores in metal supported polymer membranes having a diameter of few micrometers could be generated by using information obtained via the new way of convoluting spectral image data. The approach can be transferred to applications having a domain size of few micrometers.
Publisher Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science
Citation Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 132 (2006) 7-15

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