Authors Morozov, I. ; Svistkov, A. ; Heinrich, G. ; Lauke, B.
Title Structure of the carbon-black-particles framework in filled elastomer materials
Date 29.08.2007
Number 13971
Abstract Specific features of the structure of a rigid framework composed of aggregated carbon black particles in rubber were considered. The volume fractions of the main components of the material—the filler, the <br />binder, the layer enveloping carbon black particles, and the polymer entrapped by aggregates—were calculated. It was found that the volume fraction of the polymer in the layer around filler particles can be very high. The <br />average number of contacts between neighboring aggregates in rubber with a high filler content is six. During deformation, the structure undergoes strong changes, so that neighboring aggregates can move from each other <br />or, conversely, the remote aggregates can approach each other.
Publisher Polymer Science / Series A
Citation Polymer Science / Series A 49 (2007) 292-299

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