Authors Pionteck, J. ; Pötschke, P. ; Schulze, U. ; Proske, N. ; Kaya, A. ; Zhao, H. ; Malz, H.
Title Influence of Reactive Compatibilization on the Morphology of Polypropylene/Polystyrene Blends
Date 28.09.2004
Number 12571
Abstract To study the efficiency of different mechanisms for reactive compatibilization of polypropylene/polystyrene blends (PP/PS blends), main chain or terminal-functionalized PP and terminal-functionalized PS have been synthesized by different methods. While the <I>in-situ</I> block and graft copolymer formation results in finer phase morphologies compared to the corresponding non-reactive blends, the morphology development in the ternary blend system PP/PS + HBP (hyperbranched polymer) is a very complex process. HBP with carboxylic acid end groups reacts preferably with the reactive sites of the oxazoline functionalized PS (PS-Ox) and locates mainly within the dispersed PS-Ox phase. A bimodal size distribution of the PS-Ox particles within the oxazoline modified PP (PP-Ox) matrix phase is observed with big PS-Ox particles (containing the HBP as dispersed phase) and small PS-Ox particles similar in size to the unimodal distributed particles in the non-reactive PP-Ox/PS-Ox blends. Factors influencing the morphology are discussed.
Publisher Macromolecular Symposia
Citation Macromolecular Symposia 214 (2004) 279-288

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