Authors Vogel, C. ; Meier-Haack, J. ; Taeger, A. ; Lehmann, D.
Title On the Stability of Selected Monomeric and Polymeric Aryl Sulfonic Acids Heating in Water (Part 1)
Date 31.12.2004
Number 12184
Abstract A number of low molecular weight sulfonated aromatic compounds: carboxamides, imides, sulfonamides, as well as sulfonated polymers; aramides and poly(styrene-p-sulfonic acid), were tested for their stability on heating in water and dilute acid to temperatures ranging from 130-200 °C. Desulfonation was observed with some compounds. Sulfonamide linkages were found to be stable, while carboxamide linkages and phthalimides were not.
Publisher Fuel Cells
Citation Fuel Cells 4 (2004) 320-327

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