Authors Reincke, K. ; Grellmann, W. ; Lach, R. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Toughness Optimization of SBR Elastomers - Use of Fracture Mechanics Methods for Characterization
Date 07.10.2003
Number 11695
Abstract Elastomer materials are used in a wide application range and subjected to different loading from which failure of the material results. Because this failure is caused by initiation and propagation of cracks, the application of fracture mechanics methods for the assessment of the material is obvious. A short summary of the methods of technical fracture mechanics including possibilities of determination of crack resistance curves is given. Vulcanizates on the basis of SBR 1500 with various sulfur and carbon black contents were investigated. For describing the crack initiation and crack propagation behavior, several fracture mechanics examination methods were applied. Tear-analyzer results were used to assess the crack propagation behavior under fatigue-like loading conditions. Furthermore, for the characterization of the crack resistance of the materials under impact-like loading conditions, instrumented tensile-impact tests were performed. To obtain information about the initiation and propagation of a stable crack, quasi-static fracture mechanics tests were applied. The results of the several tests are discussed in dependence on sulfur and carbon black contents. We found a non-monotonous behavior of the toughness as a function of carbon black loading. An explanation is given in connection with a percolation-like transition in filler morphology on larger length scales.
Publisher Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
Citation Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 288 (2003) 181-189

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