building CHE

Conference Venue

The CNPComp2013 conference takes place at the campus of
Technische Universität Dresden,
chemistry building CHE
Bergstraße 66
01067 Dresden

(entrance: downhill near the pedestrians' bridge crossing Bergstraße, at the side neigbouring the large building of Hörsaalzentrum - in the picture at the edge in the foreground)


distance from main railway station to the venue:
4 min by bus 66 until stop "Technische Universität"

distance from the airport to the venue:
20 min by S-train until main railway station and then 4 min by bus 66 until stop "Technische Universität"

You can find the distances of the hotels to the venue as well as the available trams and buses on Accommodation.

Upon registration you will get a ticket for public transportation which is valid from Sept. 22 to 25, 2013 for all buses and trams but not for trains (S-Bahn). You have to stamp it in the tram or bus, when you use it for the first time.

© Sylvio Dittrich


You should take the opportunity to come to Dresden on the occasion of the CNPComp conference!

It is for centuries Dresden that has been praised one of the most beautiful towns in Germany. Visitors who come to Dresden are impressed by the baroque architecture, by the harmony between the architecture and the river and picturesque surroundings. The work of inspired master buildings, sculptors and architects endowed the city with edifices of rare splendor, and great traditions in the fields of music, theatre, arts, and sciences have created a unique atmosphere.