Girls' Day

Every year on a Thursday in spring, Girls' Day takes place throughout Germany. Girls' Day is intended to give schoolgirls in grades 5 to 10 an insight into the world of work, especially into professions in which girls and women are still rarely found today. These include natural sciences and technology.

We want to encourage girls to think about career prospects in chemistry, physics, materials science, engineering.... and therefore invite them to Girls' Day at our institute.

The next Girls' Day will be held on April 28, 2022.
It is open whether 2022 events can be held on site at the institutes or whether, as in 2021, only online events are possible due to the Corona pandemic.
We will publish more details in early 2022.

At an on-site event, 8 girls can test (as in 2019) at the institute whether being a scientist or a lab technician would be a profession for them. They will do small experiments to examine substances for their properties, working independently under the guidance of a lab technician. In our pilot plant, they will see how plastics are processed and get an insight into the work of female scientists. Finally, they visit a laboratory where the compatibility of materials with blood is examined for medical applications and carry out small practical activities with test blood.

The participants also enjoyed the virtual Girls' Day 2021. Of course, the real laboratory atmosphere was lacking, but the advantage was that more girls - and from all over Germany - were able to take part. Young female scientists and technicians made the program relaxed and informative, and it was possible to ask all questions online about careers, training, studies and everyday working life at a research institute.

Further information is available on the Girls' Day website.



Determination of material parameters
Microscopic investigation
Blood compatibility tests