Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Group leader


Claudia Marschelke (PhD student)
Madeleine Schwarzer (PhD student)
Sandra Marx (Scientific co-worker)

Control and understanding of surface and interfacial phenomena is very important for the design of materials with defined wetting properties. There are two main factors, which affect surface wettability: surface roughness and intrinsic hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity of a material. Cassie and Wenzel were the first who discussed influence of these two factors on wetting and found that roughness “enhances” intrinsic wetting properties of materials and makes hydrophilic/hydrophobic materials even more hydrophilic/hydrophobic, respectively. In fact, the combination of surface roughness and hydrophobicity renders lotus leaves the ultrahydrophobicity.

Different approaches including plasma treatment, etching, sol-gel, photolithography etc were recently explored for preparation of ultrahydrophobic self-cleaning materials. These methods, however, can hardly be applied for large-scale fabrication. On the other hand, hydrophobic colloidal particles can easily be used to coat large areas and are already applied for the fabrication of self-cleaning surfaces.

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