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X-ray Lab

We offer X-ray scattering methods for structure determination on different lengths scales in bulk, fibers, thin films and layers.

Additionally, the application of synchrotron radiation experiments (e.g., Photon Science at DESY Hamburg) via diverse proposals (manly for GISAXS) we provide.

Fields of work

  • solid state structure of polymers, copolymers, blends, composites, nanoparticles (clay, LDH, CNT, …), measured as bulk, powder, fibers, stretched specimens, …
  • order parameters (crystallinity, qualitative + semi-quantitative phase analysis, selective orientation and texture parameters, crystallite size, …)
  • phase separation on nano- and micrometer scale (dmax ~130 nm)
  • temperature-dependent structure changes (-100 °C … 350 °C)
  • thin film and surface characterization


  • Prof. C.M. Papadakis, TU München, Physik Department
  • Prof. P. Pissis, NTU Athens (Greece)
  • Prof. C. Schick, Universität Rostock


  • 4-circle diffractometer P4 (BRUKER-axs, Karlsruhe) with area detection system HiStar / GADDS (Siemens Analytical, Madison / WI) and graphite monochromator, oven up to 300 °C and inert gas floating (own construction)
  • KRATKY compact camera (HECUS, Graz / Austria) with linear detector PSD-50m (M. BRAUN, Garching), temperature equipment up to 300 °C, (own construction)
  • 2-circle diffractometer XRD 3003 T/T (GE Sensing  & Inspection Technologies / Seifert-FPM, Freiberg) with reflectometry equipment, crystal and multilayer monochromators, temperature chamber XRK (Anton Paar, Graz / Austria)
  • X-ray diffractometer D8 DISCOVERY (BRUKER-axs, Karlsruhe) with different monochromatization and collimation tools (line- and point-focused), sample holding devices for transmission and reflection experiments, 1- and 2-dimensional detectors, SAXS tool, temperature unit (-100…+350 °C)
  • 3 pinhole collimation SAXS camera (self-construction) with Rigaku 18 kW rotating anode generator (Rigaku Europe SE, Ettlingen), double focusing multilayer monochromator, vacuum sample chamber with heating tool, MARCCD area detector (Marresearch, Norderstedt)
X-ray Lab
X-ray Lab


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