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Scanning Force Microscopy Lab (SFM)

The SFM is used to reveal the morphology of surfaces and of bulk material (after appropriate preparation). Special techniques allow the high resolution measurement of:

  • surface forces
  • mechanical parameters  (Young's modulus, energy dissipation)
  • distribution of electric charges or magnetic domains
  • surface potential
  • electric conductivity
  • melting and solidification behavior

The measurements can be done in air, liquids, or gaseous environment, also with varying humidity.


  • contact mode (CM)
  • tapping mode (TM) with phase imaging
  • peak force tapping (PFT) with quantitative nanomechanical analysis (QNM)
  • magnetic force microscopy (MFM)
  • electrostatic force microscopy (EFM)
  • surface potential microscopy (SPoM)
  • torsional resonance mode (TR)
  • tunneling AFM (TUNA)
  • conductive AFM (CAFM)


  • Dimension ICON (Bruker) with heating/cooling stage (-35C ...250C)
  • Dimension 3100 / NanoScopeV (Bruker)
  • Dimension 3100 / NanoScope IIIa (Bruker)
  • MultiMode / Nanoscope IIIa with heating scannner (20C...250C)
  • MFP-3D (Oxford Instruments)
Scanning Force Microscopy Lab (SFM)
Scanning Force Microscopy Lab (SFM)


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