Institute /Biofunctional Polymer Materials/ (since 2000)

Pospiech, D. ; Häußler, L. ; Eckstein, K. ; Voigt, D. ; Jehnichen, D. ; Gottwald, A. ; Kollig, W. ; Janke, A. ; Grundke, K. ; Werner, C. ; Kricheldorf, H.R.
Tailoring of polymer properties in segmented block copolymers

Linking segments of two different polymers in block copolymers offers the opportunity to combine their macroscopic properties and to design tailor-made materials. This is shown for segmented block copolymers (A-B)n in which the basic segment is polysulfone. Incorporation of either hydrophilic and or hydrophobic segments results in a dramatic change of surface properties which is also correlated to the bulk structure of the block copolymers.

Macromolecular Symposia 163



March 2001