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Publications Dr. Bernd Lauke

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1.Lauke, B.
Plastic yielding contribution to fracture toughness of polymers modified with rubber and inorganic fillers more
Journal of Materials Science 50 (2015) 2178-2188
2.Morozov, I.; Lauke, B.; Tada, T.
Structural modelling and stiffness of filled elastomers more
Composites: Part B 60 (2014) 555-560
3.Uzhegova, N. I.; Sviskov, A.L.; Lauke, B.; Heinrich, G.
The influence of capillary effect on atomic force microscopy measurements more
International Journal of Engineering Science 75 (2014) 67-78
4.Kaminski, M.; Lauke, B.
Probabilistic homogenization of polymers filled with rubber particles more
Computational Materials Science 82 (2014) 483-496
5.Botelho, E.C.; Costa, M. L.; Eichert, P.; Burkhart, T.; Lauke, B.
Viscoelastic behavior of phenolic resin with multiwalled carbon nanotubes more
Materials Research 16 (2013) 713-720
6.Kaminski, M.; Lauke, B.
Parameter sensitivity and probabilistic analysis of the elastic homogenized properties for rubber filled polymers more
Computational Materials Science 93 (2013) 411-440
7.Morozov, I.; Lauke, B.; Heinrich, G.
AFM investigations of structure and mechanical properties of cracks in carbon black filled and unfilled rubbers more
Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe (2013) 71-76
8.Komar, L. A.; Morozov, I.; Lauke, B.
Modelling of the behavior of elastomers filled by rigid particles with interfacial layers more
CRC Press (2013)
9.Lauke, B.
Contribution of matrix yielding energy to the crack resistance of particle reinforced composites more
Composites Science and Technology 86 (2013) 135-141
10.Lauke, B.
Effect of particle size distribution on debonding energy and crack resistance of polymer composites more
Computational Materials Science 77 (2013) 73-60
11.Stocchi, A.; Lauke, B.; Giannotti, M. I.; Vzquez, A.; Bernal, C.
Tensile response and fracture and failure behavior of jute fabrics-flyash-vinylester hybrid composites more
Fibers and Polymers 14 (2013) 285-291
12.Lauke, B.; Fu, S.-Y.
Aspects of fracture toughness modelling of particle filled polymer composites more
Composites: Part B 45 (2013) 1569-1574
13.Botelho, E.C.; Costa, M. L.; Edwards, E. R.; Burkhart, T.; Lauke, B.
Effects of carbon nanotube fillers dispersion on mechanical behavior of phenolic/carbon nanotube nanocomposite more
Journal of Materials Research 27 (2012) 2342-2351
14.Morozov, I.; Lauke, B.; Heinrich, G.
Microstructural analysis of carbon black filled rubbers by atomic force microcopy and computer simulation techniques more
Plastics, Rubber and Composites : Processing and Applications 41 (2012) 285-289
15.Morozov, I.; Lauke, B.; Heinrich, G.
Quantitative microstructural investigation of carbon-black-filled rubbers by AFM more
Rubber Chemistry and Technology 85 (2012) 244-263
16.Morozov, I.; Lauke, B.; Heinrich, G.
Microstructural analysis of carbon black filled rubbers by atomic force microcopy and computer simulation techniques more
in: Constitutive Models for Rubber VII, Jerrams & Murphy, ed. (Taylor & Francis Group 2012) , 173-175
17.Kaminski, M.; Lauke, B.
Probabilistic and stochastic analysis of the effective properties for the particle reinforced elastomers more
Computational Materials Science 56 (2012) 147-160
18.Lauke, B.; Barroso, A.
Notched-butt test for the determination of adhesion strength at bimaterial interfaces more
Composite Interfaces 18 (2011) 661-669
19.Lauke, B.
Doubly-curved interfaces for adhesion strength testing more
Composite Interfaces 18 (2011) 121-133
20.Morozov, I.; Lauke, B.; Heinrich, G.
A novel method of quantitative characterization of filled rubber structures by AFM more
Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe 64 (2011) 24-27

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