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Fields of work

  • Spinning of glass fibres on the unique fibre spinning devices for E glass and AR glass, on-line modification and nanostructuring of the fibre surface using sizings

  • On-line surface modification of specific glass fibres in the continuous spinning process for the formation of highly resistant surfaces tailor-made for specific polymer and inorganic matrices

  • Healing of surface defects of reinforcing fibres by nano-structured surface modifications to increase strength and to improve properties as well as longevity in composite materials

  • Formation of multi-functional nano-structured fibre surfaces by special sizing as well as polymer coatings

  • Selective control of morphology/ transcrystallinity of interfaces by concentration of nano-fibres as well as nano-particles during fibre surface modification
  • Quasi-static and cyclic micromechanical test of the interphase on a wide variety of composites, advancement of micromechanical methods

  • Characterization of the interphasial morphology as well as local interphase properties using contact angle, ... and scanning probe microscopies

  • Structure property relationships: influence of the interphase on the mechanical properties

  • Scanning force microscopic characterisation of the micromechanical fracture surface to clarify the connection between geometric and adhesive characteristics
  • On-line spinning of hybrid yarns of polymer and glass filaments for the manufacture of continuous reinforced thermoplastics

  • Influence of the interphase on processing

  • Long-fibre and continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics with improved aging resistance

  • Textile-reinforced concrete – fibre and interface design with polymers with the aim to improve processing, durability and mechanical properties
  • Advanced development of tailored fibre placement for load-related component reinforcement, particularly for carbon fibre heating elements and for textile carrier structures in medical applications

  • Textile Biomaterials - Processing medical threads for implant- and biotechnological application

Contact person:

Dr. Uwe Gohs
Phone: +49 351 4658-239

Fields of work


Composite Materials

Fields of work