Title Wafer-sized multifunctional polyimine-based two-dimensional conjugated polymers with high mechanical stiffness
Date 16.11.2016
Number 52434
Abstract One of the key challenges in two-dimensional (2D) materials is to go beyond graphene, a prototype 2D polymer (2DP), and to synthesize its organic analogues with structural control at the atomic- or molecular-level. Here we show the successful preparation of porphyrin-containing monolayer and multilayer 2DPs through Schiff-base polycondensation reaction at an air–water and liquid–liquid interface, respectively. Both the monolayer and multilayer 2DPs have crystalline structures as indicated by selected area electron diffraction. The monolayer 2DP has a thickness of~0.7·nm with a lateral size of 4-inch wafer, and it has a Young’s modulus of 267±30·GPa. Notably, the monolayer 2DP functions as an active semiconducting layer in a thin film transistor, while the multilayer 2DP from cobalt-porphyrin monomer efficiently catalyses hydrogen generation from water. This work presents an advance in the synthesis of novel 2D materials for electronics and energy-related applications.
Publisher Nature Communications
Identifier 0
Citation Nature Communications 7 (2016) Article number 13461
Authors Sahabudeen, H. ; Qi, H. ; Glatz, B. ; Tranca, D. ; Dong, R. ; Hou, Y. ; Zhang, T. ; Kuttner, C. ; Lehnert, T. ; Seifert, G. ; Kaiser, U. ; Fery, A. ; Zheng, Z. ; Feng, X.

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