Title Influence of electron induced reactive processing and secondary rubber phase on spinnability of polypropylene and polypropylene/rubber blends
Date 28.03.2018
Number 52385
Abstract The melt spinning behavior of electron-irradiated polypropylene (PP) and PP/ethylene-octene-copolymer (EOC) blends was studied. The low ability to fiber formation of the impact enhanced PP/EOC blends with 2.5·mass percent of high viscous and non-spinnable EOC rubber was enhanced to a large extent by applying a dose of 6·kGy using a continuous electron induced reactive processing (CEIReP). The influence of structure alteration during CEIReP on the fiber formation as well as the textile physical properties of as-spun blend fiber were explored. A remarkable enhancement of the initial modulus as well as the linear elastic region of CEIReP modified PP/EOC blend fiber were achieved.<br /><br /><br />Read More:
Publisher International Polymer Processing
Citation International Polymer Processing 33 (2018) 60-65
Authors Al Rahhal, S. ; Brünig, H. ; Gohs, U. ; Heinrich, G.

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