Title Macromolecular decoration of nanoparticles for guiding self-assembly in 2D and 3D
Macromolecular Self-assembly, Billon, L. ; Borisov, O., ed.
Date 21.09.2016
Number 51681
Abstract This book describes techniques of synthesis and self-assembly of macromolecules for developing new materials and improving functionality of existing ones.  Because self-assembly emulates how nature creates complex systems, they likely have the best chance at succeeding in real-world biomedical applications.<br /><br />Chapter 6:<br />6.1 Introduction, 159<br />6.2 Guiding Assembly by Decoration with Artificial Macromolecules, 160<br />6.2.1 Decoration of Nanoparticles, 161<br />6.2.2 Distance Control in 2D and 3D, 166<br />6.2.3 Breaking the Symmetry, 171<br />6.3 Guiding Assembly by Decoration with Biomacromolecules, 173<br />6.3.1 DNA-Assisted Assembly, 173<br />6.3.2 Protein-Assisted Assembly, 177<br />6.4 Application of Assemblies, 181<br />6.5 Conclusions and Outlook, 183<br />References, 184<br /><br />Macromolecular Self-assembly<br />ISBN 978-1118887127
Publisher Wiley
Identifier 0
Citation Wiley (2016) 159-192
Authors Kuttner, C. ; Chanana, M. ; Karg, M. ; Fery, A.

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