Authors Brünig, H. ; Beyreuther, R. ; Vogel, R. ; Tändler, B.
Title Melt spinning of fine and ultra-fine PEEK-filaments
Date 17.06.2003
Number 10862
Abstract Hybrid yarns of PEEK and Carbon fibres are attractive as reinforcing materials. In an optimized hybrid yarn PEEK and Carbon fibres possess similar diameters. But the melt spinning of fine and ultra-fine thermoplastic filaments is a processing technique which makes great demands on the polymer and its elongational flow. The paper deals with theoretical and experimental investigations of the melt spinning process of fine and ultra-fine PEEK filaments up to finenesses of 1 dtex and lower. With a special spinning equipment finest filaments of lower than 0.1 dtex were reached.
Publisher Journal of Materials Science
Citation Journal of Materials Science 38 (2003) 2149-2153

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