27.07.2022 Colloquium Prof. Dr. Werner Kunz: New types of Ionic Liquids and Nanoparticle Syntheses

Conference Hall mehr »

23.06.2022 Colloquium Dr. Christopher Synatschke: Responsive Supramolecular Assemblies for Controlling Cell-Material Communication

Seminar room W-building mehr »

09.06.2022 Lecture Dr. Uwe Freudenberg: Entzündungshemmende Hydrogel-Produkte für völlig neuartige, hochwirksame und wirtschaftlich vorteilhafte Therapien

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18.05.2022 Colloquium: Rajkumar Biswas - Investigating the micro-rheology of aging clay suspensions and dynamical heterogeneity in dense suspensions

Conference hall mehr »

16.05.2022 Colloquium: Prof. Christian W. Pester - Engineering Surfaces through Light - Mediated Polymerization

online mehr »

26.04.2022 Colloquium: Prof. M. A. Schmidt: Nanoparticle tracking analysis inside optical fibers - a photonic platform for the characterization of diffusing nano-scale specimen such as SARS-CoV-2

Konferenzsaal mehr »

28.03.2022 Colloquium: Dr. Lei Fang: Climbing the Ladder to Advanced Rigid Ladder Polymers

Ort: Konferenzsaal mehr »

15.03.2022 Colloquium: Prof. Philipp Seib: The biomedical use of silk

ZOOM - Meeting-ID: 873 2989 4463 Kenncode: 570596 mehr »

15.02.2022 GUMFERENCE 2022: Advanced Testing of Soft Polymer Materials

Topic of the conference: Advanced Testing of Soft Polymer Materials (Adv. Test. Soft Polym. Mat.) Date: 15th February 2022 Time: 8am – 7pm This will be the 6th conference on rubber and soft polymer material testing in … mehr »

02.02.2022 Colloquium: Prof. Ivan Minev, Materials and Technologies for Tissue-like Bioelectronics

Prof. Ivan MinevDepartment of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield, United KingdomTitle: "Materials and Technologies for Tissue-like Bioelectronics"February 02, 2022, 14:30 … mehr »

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