Spreading Behavior of Granular Suspensions

(Virtual) Presentation of the 2023 Professor Franz Brandstetter Prize by Dr. Valérie André, chairperson of the IPF’s Association of Supporters, Prof. Andreas Fery, head of the IPF Institute of Physical Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, and Prof. Carsten Werner, Scientific Director of the IPF, to Valentine Comoy (visible on the screen)

The 2023 Professor Franz Brandstetter Prize, presented by the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden and its Association of Supporters, has been awarded to Valentine Comoy for her exceptional master's thesis titled "Spreading of Granular Suspensions on Flat Surfaces".

Understanding the spreading behavior of dense granular suspensions is crucial for various applications, including inkjet printing, spray paints, and coatings. However, despite its importance, only a limited number of studies have explored the contact line motion for spreading granular suspensions, particularly for particle mass fractions near the critical value where the effective viscosity diverges.

Valentine Comoy’s work investigates the spreading behavior of suspensions on flat surfaces, considering factors such as particle mass fraction, diameter, chemistry, and morphology. Depending on the proximity of the particle mass fraction to the suspension's jamming transition, different spreading outcomes were observed: Some curves exhibited behavior similar to the carrier liquid, while others diverged significantly.

Through rheological measurements and high-speed recordings of drop spreading, Valentine Comoy provided insights into the underlying mechanisms. Visual observations revealed surprising phenomena, such as the formation of 'feet' at drop edges, indicating intriguing mechanisms related to particle arrangement and jamming.

Valentine Comoy’s research offers valuable insights into the fundamental dynamics of dense granular suspensions, enhancing our understanding of complex spreading dynamics. The translation of these findings into practical solutions could optimize industrial processes across various fields, ranging from printing and coating to biomedical applications.

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