Paper “Precision culture scaling to establish high-throughput vasculogenesis models” published

The new paper Precision culture scaling to establish high-throughput vasculogenesis models by Nicholas R. Dennison, Maximilian Fusenig, Lisa Groennert, Manfred F. Maitz, Maria A. Ramirez Martinez, Manja Wobus, Uwe Freudenberg, Martin Bornhäuser, Jens Friedrichs, Peter D. Westenskow and Carsten Werner adapts 3D hydrogel cell cultures for high throughput screening workflows. Their Precision Culture Scaling (PCS-X) approach effectively tailors 3D hydrogel-based vasculogenesis models for drug response profiling, integrating automated processes and analyses with Design of Experiments and Multiple Linear Regression. PCS-X paves the way for hydrogel-based high-throughput 3D tissue and disease models as needed to advance drug discovery and individualized therapies.


The paper was published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

DOI: 10.1002/adhm.202400388


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