Research stay: Prof. James Sterling at IBP

Dr. James D. Sterling, Professor at Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences at Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont, California (USA) is currently visiting the Institute of Biofunctional Polymer Materials (IBP).

In his scientific career, he has focused on fluid mechanics, chemically-reacting fluid flows, heat transfer, dynamical systems, and Lattice Boltzmann numerical methods. Current research interests of Prof. Sterling are related to the role cell surface glycocalyx in cellular processes and drug delivery. During his research stay at the IPF (09.05.-17.07.2022), he will work on models for liquid-liquid phase separation in biological systems and evaluate results with the researchers of the Institute.

Prof. Sterling has been to Dresden before, in September 2017, where he gave a lecture on lyotropy in biohydrogels at the 12th International Symposium on Electrokinetics (ELKIN). Since then, the collaboration has intensified and resulted in several research publications (doi: 10.1016/j.cocis.2022.101590; doi: 10.3390/polym10121376).

We are very pleased to have Prof. Sterling in Dresden, again.




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